January 2020 Check-In: The 180

Suddenly, THE job appeared. Life won’t be the same again.

Guys. I got a job.

Not just any job, but A Really Great Amazing Job. One that satisfies so many things I’ve been trying for:

  • A title that matches my skills,

I’m pinching myself.

Long about March, our lives will experience a sudden 180. We can pay down our debt in meaningful ways now. We can move forward with savings.

Will it change me? Change the blog? Suddenly the strict monthly accounting of progress against all odds feels disingenuous. I think I will need to do a reset for a month or so, come back with more of the broad, analytical, informative pieces I’ve experimented with, and fewer if any of the updates. I know the standard trope in personal finance blogging is to make a bold claim, “we paid off $200,000 in debt in only four months!” but that seems a little empty to me if my standard of living got significantly higher almost overnight.

I will say that I did my homework, studied how to get a better job and how to negotiate salary, and I have learned a few things along the way that I can pass along in a subsequent post.

Lemme get my bearings first.

What Kind of Month Did We Have?

January was a fairly unremarkable month, for a change. I got a little wild toward the end when I heard I had the job.

The numbers.

Total debt: $497,650 compared with $499,295 in December. We still have not checked my husband’s student loan because FEAR so I am using a wildly inaccurate number for it. I will look in March when we restructure with the new salary.

Credit card & consumer debt, including our car loan, is $18,256, compared with $18, 475 in December.

Net worth: $94,074 compared with $91,557 in December. That’s not due to any virtue on my part; Wall Street is continuing to defy all odds and our retirement accounts are accruing.

Life and Budget Goals: The Simple Two.

  • We are increasing our net worth.

Say, drop me a line and tell me how your plans are going. I’d love to hear your goals. Keep going — and don’t lose your nerve!

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I’m a 50-something bohemian with a mountain of debt and regrets. Can I dig out before it’s all over? I brake for poets.

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