Restaurant marquee: “In 20 Years Our Country Will Be Run by People Homeschooled by Day Drinkers.” ”: Design Boom.

November Check-In: Hindsight in 2020

Doing okay in a very not-okay way

Sourdough fail in quarantine. More here.
This thread might actually save your life. By Dylan Morrison
[image: Picture of Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick , who says that older people should sacrifice their lives to open the economy; here, another of his quotes over the picture reads, “Democrats Being Against Barriers Are Going to Assure President Trump Being Re-Elected.”

Guess what, though? I love you.

I may have been silent over here on Medium, but meanwhile on Twitter I was busy completely blowing my brand with political rants and mouthy threads on the state of the world. My buddies in #RealPF hung tight with me for the most part, narrating our lives and opinions and struggles with honesty and thoughtfulness, even if some of us are still talking from the sock puppet accounts or smooth, professional personas we’d all built so optimistically months or years before. Thanks for the bitter honesty and freaking healing humor, friends. You are keeping me sane.

K. Wright on Twitter: “And again, what happens after the apology? Do you commit to making room for people from different backgrounds to have a platform? Refute your previous stance that having debt = financial illiteracy? Stay off of social media for more than a couple days to *truly* reflect?”
Matt Lane on Twitter:”I am not qualified to analyze Sydney Powell’s filings because I am an attorney and every attorney other than Sydney Powell is corrupt.”
76KProject on Twitter: “I’m just going to put this out there with the caveat that I can’t make any definite promises… but I can sure try to organize some support. If you are in a place where you’re having trouble paying a bill or rent or buying groceries and you feel comfortable w other people…”

But I’ve saved the best for almost last, y’all.

Who among my many beloved compatriots actually saved this column from despair this week? Who looked right into my trembling soul and uttered the words that transformed this very blog post from the usual under-edited rant of a depressive into the sparkling tour-de-force of other people’s tweets and some GIFs? I will tell you who.

  • Humor.
  • Entertaining and enjoying your life, like how to throw a kick-ass party on a budget, even if you can’t bake and can’t really cook.
Somebody REALLY likes entertaining.

Where we are at now: Not okay, basically okay

The best I can reckon right now, something seems really, really off. My numbers look terrible, yet we feel like we are okay. I think I have been counting my money in too many different ways, tracking it for far too long in too much detail (10 years). My spreadsheets have had spreadsheets, my formulas are sprouting formulas, and I frankly no longer know what I am doing.

Goals: These Two Seemed Simple in January.

In January, we declared only two goals (in contrast to the goals-fest of 2019). Here is how we are doing.

  • Are we having fun? We have been watching a lot of TV and taking a few walks. Our fall holidays have been nice so far. And I am still reading a lot (that would be an interest I’d blog about a lot more, if it wouldn’t totally ruin my cover since the legally named me is always going on and on about her reading on social media). We are relieved that our government is soon to be in more qualified hands. Does any of this count as fun?

I’m a 50-something bohemian with a mountain of debt and regrets. Can I dig out before it’s all over? I brake for poets.

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