This Is IT! (Goals and Faith, Baby, Goals and Faith)

My February Check-in Has Me Dancing for Joy.

Shaun the Sheep kicks up a hoof. via Aardman Animation


We’ve lopped $5,500 off our massive debt so far. That’s only a piddling 1.21. percent of the journey, sure, but when you consider that in the previous nine months we never managed to go lower than $1,000 in reduction — and then always popped back up — this is unprecedented.

In all my years of addressing debt (too many to count), I have never had this kind of recovery in under six months, without some outside intervention. This we did all by ourselves, by scraping, trading, hustling, and denying ourselves stuff we really didn’t need.

So. Everything else I report this month is gonna be gravy.

Let’s go.

Say, drop me a line and tell me how your plans for the new year are going. I’d love to hear your goals. Keep going — and don’t lose your nerve!

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I’m a 50-something bohemian with a mountain of debt and regrets. Can I dig out before it’s all over? I brake for poets.

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